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SciSoft Consulting, with its head office in Argentina, near Buenos Aires city, specialises in consulting and training services for the numerical computing industry.


Started in September 2003, SciSoft Consulting was created by Fernando Cacciola to serve the expertise request of an important US client in the graphics design industry.

Early 2006, SciSoft Consulting added another important European client in the geometric computing industry.

As 2008 progressed, SciSoft Consulting started to grow and very carefully searched for, and eventually hired, an extraordinary team of talented industry experts.

Early 2009, SciSoft Consulting lunched a public web site and started to serve the numerical programming community at large


Fernando Cacciola: Founder and lead architect, developer and consultant

Industry background

Prior to SciSoft Consulting, Fernando worked on the private sector for over 12 years, specializing in research & development of geometric computing, computer graphics and image processing algorithms. He also specialized in the programming langiuage "C", which he started using in 1990, "C++", which he started using on 1994, and "C#" which he started using in 2003. During those years he acquired expertise in application framework development which was his main responsibility.

Programming community contributions



To keep up with his 9 hours day-job as a software developer, Fernando couldn't complete his Biochemistry studies. In 1995 he had to drop after 4 and half years of hard study and ended up with no University diploma at all. In the Argentinian John F. Kennedy University, Biochemistry has (or had) no Bachelor-level degree, only Master's, as it is (or was) a 7 years all-or-nothing straight career.

Full CV available here

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